Karori Music Studio


From humble beginnings when Megan first moved to Wellington in 2009, Karori Music Studio now has 3 outstanding tutors to support the musical learning within the Karori community.

Our clients are long standing and have transitions through our programme as far as NCEA study.

Our commitment to our clients is likened to whanau. Our tutors have real heart in their teaching practice and take true pride the musical learning.

Wellington Musicians Network


Karori Music Studio is proudly brought to you by Wellington Musicians Network Ltd. A musician's collaborative community that promotes emerging talent here in Wellington alongside supporting community events, and local in school music programmes. Established in 2012, with the view to ensure equity within the music education setting, our programmes continue to provide sincere, reliable and quality services to the schools we work with.


Know of a school in need of assistance with music education? Nominate our programme to your principal and we can tailor music tuition for your community. 

Angel Investor Programme


Its a harsh reality that not all children in our country get access to music education in schools. Many cuts to education over the last decade has seen a drop in quality arts education as schools look to boost literacy and numeracy priorities. Despite the proof that learning music is essential to brain development and directly linked to achievement, more and more schools minimize their music content.


Parent's are left with the only option of self funding this essential experience for their children. However, within these last 6 years alone there has been a consistent drop in disposable income, increased hardship for beneficiaries, continued cuts to funding essential services and a rise in child poverty.


Do you agree this is unfair? Even contributing to widening inequity in New Zealand? Are you a generous person who agrees all children should have access to music lessons in schools? You could join our cause and become an Angel Investor.


1. Direct Sponsorship of a specific learner for their music lessons.

2. Monthly subscription to our Angel Investor Fund to reduce lesson costs to families in our lower decile communities.

3. One off payment with the option to subscribe once you decide a budget that suits.

All donations are tax deductible