Why is Music Education important for your family?

From beginner level, intermediate or advanced, our industry professional specialist tutors will get along side you to promote a life-long appreciation of music. 

Learning music has been scientifically proven to have health and well-being benefits and educational theory and evidence supporting the promotion of holistic learning, key competencies, increased success in numeracy and literacy, and one of the only activities that heightens each area of development: cognitive(thinking), behavioral(feeling), and physical(willing). This is also more commonly known as "Head Heart and Hand" learning.


Gardner's "Theory of multiple intelligence" lists musical intelligence as a core intelligence. Research also indicates playing and listening to music stimulates the brain's neural pathways remarkably. Celebration of cultural diversity is integral within the human experience. Maori, Pasifika and my other cultures now residing here in New Zealand have unique intergration of music already within each culture. Music is a natural part of cultural expression and we agree that more can be done to support music education within schools. Check out our Angel Programme to find out more...


Other recommended resources for music education:

Sound Arts (editorial team: Roger Buckton, David Cell, Merryn Dunmill)

"Sing a Song of Six Year Old's" by Roger Buckton

 MUSIKIT recorder book series by Roger and Carol Buckton (available at Alistair's Music Store in Cuba Street)

and to teach your little ones to sing confidently in tune try the delightful "So-Me Storybook Series" by Stuart Manins,